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Having a doula as a part of your birth plan has proven to reduce the likelihood of having to undergo Cesarean births and epidurals, which can sometimes lead to other interventions that can, in turn, lead to complications with long lasting effects on mother and baby. Unfortunately, those in underserved and underrepresented communities are left without the option of being able to have support during their journey which leads to a lack of health care, education, and well-deserved resources, which in turn can lead to unwanted birth outcomes. Gennisi Charitable Birth Services, Inc. believes that regardless of socioeconomic status, everyone deserves doula support. Our desire is to produce better birth outcomes, which in turn benefits the community.

Gennisi Charitable Birth Services, Inc. provides free and low-cost pregnancy, birthing, and postpartum support services to families in need.  We strive to develop opportunities to intentionally connect new and expectant mothers, particularly underrepresented, marginalized, and low-income women, to free and reduced birth, postpartum, and doula services. Through our strategic efforts, we aim to address the birth disparities within communities of color – particularly, the birth disparities within the African American community. 

If you desire charitable services, please complete the online submission below. A representative will be in contact with you shortly! Our hope is to bridge the gap, and create more opportunities for equitable and healthy birthing experiences - and we hope to serve as an essential resource for you, during your transition into motherhood. We look forward to working with you! 




Clients of Gennisi Charitable Birth Services will participate in our Whole Mom/Whole Baby program. This program includes, along with pregnancy, birth, and pospartum support:

Mommy Mentor

A mommy mentor is someone who checks in on mom once a week and builds a relationship of trust. This person shares their experiences as a mom while being a source support and encouragement for the new mom.


Lactation Support

We connect moms with qualified and reputable lactation consultants in the community.

Meal Prep/Nutrtional Support

We assist moms in making the best nutritional decisions for healing after pregnancy and to optimize their success in breastfeeding.

Mental Health Resources

Through partnerships with reputable mental health specialists in the community, we provide our clients with mental health support as needed.

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